The Authority has commenced its planning for the 2012–2015 period. The planning process includes:

  • Consultation with levy payers and other stakeholders on the Authority’s proposed appropriations for the coming year, and proposed work programme for the next three years.
  • Reporting to the Minister of Energy and Resources on the outcomes of the consultation and the Authority’s resulting appropriation proposals for the Government’s 2012 Budget.
  • Providing the Minister with a draft Statement of Intent for 2012–2015.
  • Finalising the Statement of Intent for tabling after Budget day (usually mid-May).
  • Publishing its Work Programme.

Quarterly reports

During the 2013/14 year the Authority will publish quarterly reports against its published work programme. The reports will be available on the work programme webpage approximately six weeks after the end of the quarter.

Our work programme

Annual Report

In September or October 2014 the Authority will publish its Annual Report covering the full 2013/14 financial year. Once published, the report will be available on the Annual Report webpage.

Annual report