Consultation on our appropriation and work programme

We consult with stakeholders when we undertake a project on our Work Programme. This consultation is centred around formal written consultation and is often supported by workshops, forums or conferences with stakeholders.

Our consultation or discussion papers either come directly from us, the Authority, or one of our advisory groups, for instance, the Innovation and Participation Advisory Group or the Market Development Advisory Group.

Our consultation charter sets out the processes we follow in our consultations.

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Advisory groups

We make extensive use of advisory groups and technical groups in developing our Work Programme and working through the issues for specific projects. Advisory groups comprise industry and consumer representatives who bring considerable technical expertise and a useful range of perspectives to bear on our market development work.

Advisory groups

Our charter sets out how advisory groups work.

About Us - Foundation documents

We also establish technical working groups to assist with detailed policy development or implementation. These technical working groups operate under specific terms of reference.

The attached table summarises the current expected timetable for upcoming consultations.



Date Activity
24 Jul 2018 Implementation: Work programme for 2018/19 published Read more
24 Jul 2018 Implementation: Summary of submissions and report to Minister published - 2018/19 Read more
18 Jun 2018 Implementation: Statement of performance expectations 2018/2019 Read more
21 Nov – 19 Dec 2017 Consultation: Authority consultation on appropriations and work programme focus areas 2018/19 Read more