The Authority planning and reporting process for 2018/19 is explained on this page.

We have published the 2018/19 Work Programme, along with:

Our stakeholders have asked us to do things simpler and faster, and the 2018/19 Work Programme marks a significant change from previous years. Our aim is to focus more on our priority work and deliver our projects faster, so that the benefits for consumers are realised sooner. We have done this by:

  • setting more ambitious targets for our top priority projects, with associated changes to budget and resource allocations per project¬†
  • reducing the number of active projects on the work programme.

We are confident that by doing fewer projects each year we will achieve more overall. Some trade-offs have been necessary to achieve this focus, and we will be actively managing the transition to the 2018/19 Work Programme to minimise any disruption this may cause.