2016 - 20 December 2016 - Small scale solar passes 11,000 connections in New Zealand

Published: 20/12/2016 8:36am

New Zealand has recently passed the milestone of over 11,000 small scale solar connections, with over 2,000 installations in the last 10 months. Read More

2016 - 13 December 2016 - Electricity Authority consults on transmission pricing changes to fix flawed system

Published: 13/12/2016 12:00am

The Electricity Authority released today a consultation paper setting out refinements to its Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) second issues paper. Read More

2016 - 6 December 2016 - Removing subsidies to generators will save New Zealand consumers millions of dollars

Published: 06/12/2016 12:00am

The Electricity Authority today announced it has decided to remove subsidies for generators connected to local electricity distribution networks (called distributed generators). Read More

2016 - 22 November 2016 - Electricity myths busted in latest consumer research

Published: 22/11/2016 12:00am

Electricity myths busted in latest consumer research Read More

2016 - 25 October 2016 - 111,000 Kiwis switched power companies this winter

Published: 25/10/2016 12:00am

Around 111,000 Kiwis switched power companies between 1 June and 31 August 2016—that’s equivalent to every person in a city around the size of Dunedin switching. Read More

2016 - 5 October 2016 - Industry celebrates 20 years of New Zealand's wholesale electricity market

Published: 05/10/2016 12:29pm

On behalf of the broader electricity industry, the Electricity Authority and NZX are this month marking 20 years since the launch of New Zealand’s wholesale electricity market in 1996. Read More

2016 - 4 October 2016 - Hedge market depth indicates confidence in the electricity market

Published: 04/10/2016 12:00am

The electricity hedge market continues to perform well with levels of unmatched open interest (UOI) in exchanged-traded instruments strong in 2016, following a peak in late 2015. Read More

2016 - 20 September 2016 - Businesses getting smart with smart meters

Published: 20/09/2016 12:00am

Over 70 per cent of New Zealand electricity connections now have smart meters – and an increasing number of innovative electricity retailers are relying on this technology to deliver new customer services. Read More

2016 - 15 September 2016 - What to ask before you sign up with a power company

Published: 15/09/2016 12:00am

With more electricity brands than ever before, there are a lot of different offers out there. How do you know you are getting the best deal? Read More

2016 - 6 September 2016 - Latest data shows impact of August cold snap on electricity consumption

Published: 06/09/2016 12:00am

The Electricity Authority’s latest data shows the major impact seasons have on New Zealand’s electricity consumption. The chart below compares electricity consumption on 8 February and 8 August 2016. Read More