Carl Hansen, Chief Executive of the Electricity Authority says, “There are more electricity options than ever before, with a record number of retailers in the market, so it is worth shopping around.”

“We know price is only one factor so here are some other things to consider when you are looking for the best deal:”

1) How and when you use power

Some retailers offer different rates depending on how much electricity you use or at what time of day you use most of your electricity. You can request information about your electricity use over the last 24 months and provide this information to other retailers to help them work out the best deal they can offer you. More information 

2) Whether you have (or want to get) a smart meter

If you have a smart meter you’re likely to have a wider range of choices of brands and plans. If you’re not sure if you have a smart meter, check with your current retailer. If you don’t, and would like to get one, have a chat to your chosen retailer and see what their installation plans are. Smart meters offer a range of other benefits, including never having to pay an estimated bill again and not having people enter your property to read your meter!

3) How you want to pay

Most electricity plans are billed monthly. There are also options for pre-paying your electricity or paying weekly. Consider which option will work best for you and then check which retailer provides the payment type you want.

For a free, quick and independent check of whether you could be getting a cheaper electricity deal, visit to see your options. Over 143,000 New Zealanders used the website in 2015..

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