Mercury, Flick and Electric Kiwi were the most successful over the winter months, each with a net gain of more than 2,000 customers. Flick and Electric Kiwi were particularly successful achieving a net gain in all the regions they operate.

In contrast, Genesis (-6,341) and Contact (-2,336) had the largest net loss over the three month period. The estimated annual average saving for consumers who switched was $175 in 2015.

Electricity Authority Chief Executive Carl Hansen says “Customers who switch are not only finding better deals, they are helping to add even more competitive pressure to the retail electricity market.

As the seasons change, electricity use also changes. Electricity consumption in New Zealand typically goes down between 14% and 17% in summer, but you can still save money by checking you are on the best deal for your circumstances. Make sure you shop around and check to see if you could save money. For an even more accurate view you can request your electricity use data from your current retailer then use this to help you figure out what power company is best for you.

Switching summary 1 June—31 August 2016

Switching summary 1 June - 31 Aug 2016

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