2017 - 1 December 2017 - New tech powers up across NZ

Published: 01/12/2017 12:00am

More than 15,000 homes are generating their own electricity across New Zealand as consumers make the most of disruptive technology. Read More

2017 - 22 November 2017 - Industry proves effective during power crisis anniversary

Published: 22/11/2017 12:00am

New Zealand’s electricity industry has effectively managed yet another dry winter, further demonstrating vast improvements which avoid asking New Zealanders to save power. Read More

2017 - 7 November 2017 - Unlocking electricity networks to support innovation

Published: 07/11/2017 12:00am

Widespread benefits could arise if hurdles to parties accessing electricity networks are removed, according to a recent Electricity Authority consultation. Read More

2017 - 30 May 2017 - Electricity Authority review into The Lines Company released

Published: 30/05/2017 12:00am

The Electricity Authority has just released a report on its review into the load controlling and pricing methods used by The Lines Company (TLC) in the King Country. Load controlling refers to situations where, for example, TLC switches consumer’s hot wat Read More

2017 - 25 May 2017 - Electricity generation uses less thermal, more renewable in first four months of 2017

Published: 25/05/2017 12:00am

In the first four months of 2017 New Zealand used less thermal and more renewable electricity generation than the average for the previous six years, says Electricity Authority Chief Executive Carl Hansen. Read More

2017 - 26 April 2017 - Electricity Authority to prepare new cost-benefit analysis as part of TPM review

Published: 26/04/2017 12:00am

The Electricity Authority has decided to prepare a new cost-benefit analysis as part of its review of Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) guidelines, which will push the timetable for a final decision into 2018. Read More

2017 - 15 February 2017 - An upside to fewer beach days

Published: 15/02/2017 2:07pm

While parts of New Zealand had a record low number of beach days this January, the slow start to summer is showing up positively in the Electricity Authority’s hydrology graphs. Read More

2017 - 18 January 2017 - Small and medium sized electricity retailers now supply over 195,000 customers

Published: 25/01/2017 12:00am

Looking back at 2016 retail market trends, the Electricity Authority has observed strong customer growth for small to medium sized electricity retailers. Small and medium retailers have been growing their customer base steadily since 2010. Read More