The portal will help new entrants and participants in the electricity sector easily access key information. It will also help participants interact with each other, the regulator and the market.

Electricity Authority Chief Executive Carl Hansen says, “The portal has an educational focus and is aimed at anyone with a desire to understand how the electricity system works.

“We’re expecting this initiative will improve awareness and understanding of how the New Zealand electricity market functions. People say our stuff is hard to find, so we’ve listened and created this in response.”

Data visualisation software has been applied to electricity sector guidelines to present information in an easily accessible format. Users who are looking for more in-depth information can follow links to find as much detail as they need.

The tool focuses on the relationships between hundreds of different topics and knowledge areas within the guidelines. It is like a three dimensional neural network.

Feedback from many of our stakeholders on a test version has been extremely positive, and they’re looking forward to the tool’s release.

“This portal creates visibility in the sector, and it saves time for anyone wanting to find our guidelines by providing information at their fingertips,” says Mr Hansen.

Whiteboard Energy and the Authority have worked collaboratively to produce this portal which can be viewed at

Education Portal

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How do I use the portal user guide?

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