Statistics about OIA requests received

1 January 2017 –
30 June 2017
Total requests received 21
Withdrawn requests 0
Transferred requests 0
Extended timeframe 1
Completed requests 20
Requests unable to be  completed within legislative timeframe 0
Responses published on this website 0
Complaints to the Ombudsman about our OIA responses 0
Ombudsman's final views about our responses 0

1. Figures shown above do not include requests for information that we provide immediately and in full. The figures are only those that are formally logged in our OIA spreadsheet, on the basis that they require a considered application of the OIA.
2. The number of requests completed will not necessarily equate with the number of requests received. This is because we will have received some requests towards the end of the reporting period, but will not respond until the following reporting period.
3. We will update year-to-date figures on a 6 monthly basis.

Channel by which the request was made

Channel1 January 2017 –
30 June 2017
Transferred 0
Phone call 0
Email 21
Post 0
In person 0
Other 0

Requester categories

Category1 January 2017 –
30 June 2017
Individual citizen 10
Media/journalist 0
Political research unit 3
Electricity industry participant 4
Other 4

Official Information Act responses

May 2 2017: Communication with The Lines Company (TLC)

March 28 2017: Top suppliers of goods and services

March 17 2017: Information on the total amount spent removing footwear from power lines

February 1 2017: Research on spot market customers

January 31 2017: Motor vehicles

Motor vehicles

Last updated: 5th December 2017