The report covers the Authority's key achievements and provides detailed reports on its financial and non-financial performance.

The report is tabled in Parliament and published in accordance with the Crown Entities Act 2004.

Our Annual Report for the 2017/18 financial year

  • We launched an innovative Electricity Education Portal to help new entrants and participants easily access our guidelines. 
  • We released a review into winter 2017 which showed the ‘dry winter’ was managed well with no noticeable impacts and no disruptions to consumers.
  • We introduced three new financial transmission right hubs as part of our work to improve the hedge market.
  • Our new advisory groups, the Innovation and Participation Advisory Group (IPAG) and Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG), held their first meetings.
  • We consulted with stakeholders on what may prevent ‘mass participation’ in the electricity market.
  • With the system operator, we held a valuable public briefing session about our Real-time pricing project.
  • We updated stakeholders on the next steps for our transmission pricing review.
  • We enhanced our EMI website to provide clearer navigation and give users the ability to create and save their own dashboards.
  • We proceeded with our implementation of the new avoided cost of transmission (ACOT) regime.
  • We commenced a new project to address any new barriers to the efficient operation of new generating technologies in the wholesale market.

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