We are resetting our strategy to respond to the ongoing and rapid changes in the sector.

As the regulator, we need to provide a stable regulatory framework which enables change while protecting New Zealand consumers. Resetting our strategy will give the Authority the necessary foundation to meet new expectations and achieve better outcomes for New Zealand.

This working draft has been informed by a range of internal workshops with our staff and Board, and informal external engagement with many key stakeholders, including direct engagement with consumers.

The content reflects a collective call for the Authority to take a broader view and respond to the wider environment. Stakeholders have asked us to lead the sector, listen more and set the narrative to move beyond electricity to energy and social outcomes. The draft strategy themes acknowledges the need to put the consumer at the heart of our decision-making and the importance of bringing a te ao Māori perspective to the future of electricity in New Zealand.

During the development of this draft five clear and interrelated outcome themes have emerged:

  • Zero-carbon Aotearoa
  • Consumer centric
  • Trust and confidence
  • Thriving competition
  • Innovation flourishing

The themes are a clear expression of our external environment and the context in which we have been working for some time. The strategy reset allows us to focus our efforts on areas important to us and our stakeholders. It sets us up for the future and in the short term, informs improvement in the way we work and deliver against our existing work programme.

The consultation on the draft paper closed at 5pm on Monday, 24 February 2020. The submissions are published below.