Electricity Commission Annual Reports

Briefings to the incoming Minister of Energy

Reports to the Minister of Energy

Government Policy Statement (GPS)

The Government Policy Statement on Electricity Governance (GPS) set the objectives and outcomes that the Government expected of the Commission pursuant to section 172K of the Electricity Act 1992. The GPS called for the Commission to work with stakeholders including consumers, market participants and Government agencies to achieve its objectives. Although the Commission had powers to regulate in order to achieve its aims, the GPS required a high level of stakeholder engagement and consultation to seek mutual solutions.

Statement of Intent (SOI)

It set out the Commission's plans for the current year in detail, and for the subsequent two years in more general terms. The SOI was required to be tabled in Parliament and published after budget day each year.

Statement of Opportunities (SOO)

The SOO provides a set of possible futures for electricity supply and demand, with key information to enable the identification of potential opportunities for efficient management of the grid, including investment in transmission upgrades and transmission alternatives.

The 2010 edition of the SOO looks out to the year 2040.