The Authority is responsible for ensuring the effective day-to-day operation of the electricity system and markets through the operation of core system and market services in accordance with the Code.

  • Archive - Grid Planning Assumptions

    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

    The grid planning assumptions (GPAs) were a set of information, published by the Commission, for use in the Commission's Statement of Opportunities (SOO). Read More

  • Archive - Grid investment archive

    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

    In this section you will find documents and information relating to grid investment work undertaken as the Electricity Commission, including applications for interim grid expenditure and grid upgrade plans. Read More

  • Archive - Market Operations

    Published: 27/04/2016 12:00am

    The Authority, and previously the Electricity Commission, oversees and regulates the wholesale and retail electricity market. Read More

  • Archive - Market to enable renewables

    Published: 29/01/2014 12:00am

    In this section you find information about renewable technology work initiated by the Electricity Commission. Read More

  • Archive - Security of supply

    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

    This section contains historic information and documents relating to security of supply functions which were performed by the Electricity Commission between 15 September 2003 and 31 October 2010. Read More

  • Archive - Statement of Opportunities (SOO)

    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

    As part of its duties in facilitating industry development, including its modelling and forecasting work, the Electricity Commission was required to publish a Statement of Opportunities (SOO). Read More

  • Archive - Power system operations and common quality

    Published: 30/01/2014 12:00am

    This section archives the grid emergency reports from 2005 and the System Operator and Ancillary Services reports from 2004 to 2008. Read More