Grid planning assumptions workshop September 2006

As part of its process to seek feedback from participants about the development of the GPAs, the Commission held a workshop for stakeholders on 22 September 2006, that focussed on the technical aspects of the information package. This was intended to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to hear directly from Commission staff and to ask questions about various aspects of the work-in-progress GPAs and key input assumptions.

The Commission considered the workshop would assist stakeholders in formulating their responses to the request for feedback paper, and assist the Commission in understanding stakeholders' views. For this reason, some Commissioners also attended the workshop.

Brainstorm session July 2006

The Commission started the detailed process to develop scenarios for the next SOO by holding an informal 'brainstorm' session, in July 2006, with key individuals from a variety of stakeholder groups to discuss the high-level parameters of the scenarios.

These parameters were such things as the key uncertainties that will define the sorts of future to be described by the scenarios, as well as certainties that should be present in every scenario.

Workshop November 2005

The Commission held a workshop for participants and other interested parties on Monday 21 November 2005 in Wellington.