This page contains information about the 2005 SOO.

The SOO set out a set of possible futures for electricity supply and demand. It set out key information to enable the identification of potential opportunities for efficient management of the grid, including investment in transmission upgrades and transmission alternatives.

Background to the 2005 SOO

The Commission compiled and published on the web its first draft SOO for industry consultation on 10 May 2005. Submissions were received from 25 parties by the closing date of 10 June 2005. After considering the submissions received, the Commission prepared the final version of the Initial SOO. The electronic version was published on 8 July 2005. The Commission then prepared a version for printing in which a small number of typographical errors were corrected. In addition, an alteration to the table headings on page 62 was made. This change had been made to table 26 in appendix 4, but not to the corresponding table on page 62 (table 7). The column headings, Hawke's Bay and Central, have now been correctly transposed.

Although the submissions contained a wide array of suggestions about how the Initial SOO might be improved, the timeframe necessary to finalise the Initial SOO did not allow the Commission to adopt many of these suggestions. Accordingly, the final version of the Initial SOO is not particularly different to the draft version.

However, many of the suggestions received in submissions have significant merit. These need to be considered carefully as to how they could be incorporated into future SOOs.

The Commission also prepared an explanatory paper as supplementary material to this Initial SOO. The explanatory paper discusses the submissions received and the Commission's response to the issues raised.