The 2008 Statement of Opportunities (2008 SOO) was produced following consultation on a draft 2008 SOO. It was the Commission's second SOO and was based on 2008 GPAs consulted on in February 2008, and on Power Systems Analysis (PSA) of grid performance against Grid Reliability Standards (GRS).

The draft 2008 SOO was published on 4 July 2008 for consultation. A workshop was held in Wellington on 21 July 2008 and submissions on the draft 2008 SOO closed on 1 August 2008. Seven written submissions were received and taken into account in producing the 2008 SOO.

Further information on the development of the 2008 SOO is given below:

Submissions received on the Draft 2008 SOO covered the following main topic areas:

  1. the role of the Commission and the purpose and focus of the SOO
  2. modelling and analysis:
    1. Scenarios
    2. Methods and models
    3. Inputs, data and assumptions
    4. Analysis undertaken and results obtained
  3. Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM), the Grid Investment Test (GIT) and a number of other issues.

Issues raised in submissions were taken into account in finalising the 2008 SOO, or where more appropriate, factored into the Commission's programme of ongoing development relating to subsequent SOO material.

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    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

    The draft 2008 SOO was the second SOO published by the Commission and is published in accordance with rule 9 of section III of Part F of the Electricity Governance Rules (Rules). The 'Initial SOO' was published in May 2005. Read More

  • Archive - Inputs, assumptions & statistics

    Published: 28/01/2014 12:00am

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