In preparation for the 2010 Statement of Opportunities the following work was undertaken:

  • developing a new set of Grid Planning Assumptions (GPA)
  • reviewing the underlying demand forecast model.

Work began in mid 2009 to prepare an updated set of GPAs. To provide stakeholders with an opportunity to hear directly from Commission staff and to ask questions about the various aspects of the GPAs, a workshop was held on 16 October 2009.

On 24 September 2009, the 2009 Grid Planning Assumptions consultation paper was published seeking participants' feedback on the generation scenarios key input assumptions and issues associated with demand forecast methodology.

Comments on the draft 2009 GPAs were sought by 5pm on Friday 6 November 2009. Eleven submissions were received.

The comments received on the 2009 GPAs were considered when finalising the 2010 GPAs provided as part of the 2010 SOO.

Draft 2010 SOO

On 8 July 2010 the Commission published the draft 2010 SOO and invited submissions on it.

A separate consultation on the actual demand forecasts will be carried out later this year.


Two reports from PB New Zealand on Thermal Power Stations were completed as part of the work for the 2010 SOO.


A workshop on the draft 2010 SOO was held at the Commission on 21 July 2010. The workshop's purpose was to present the key matters in the draft 2010 SOO, to answer any questions and to facilitate participants' response to the draft. The comments received at the workshop were considered when finalising the 2010 SOO.

The following presentations were made at the workshop: