The Authority maintains a register listing distributors' agreements received by the Authority and distributors' websites where these agreements can be viewed.

Section 77(4)4 of the Electricity Industry Act 2010 states that each year the directors of the distributor must ensure that they publicise, and provide to the Authority, a certificate signed by those directors stating whether or not the terms of the use-of-systems agreement are a true and fair view of the way the distributor supplied information and services during the year in respect of the retailing or generating to which the agreement relates, and whether or not the section was complied with. The Authority publishes these certificates in the folders below for each year.

The Authority has a standard certificate template to provide this information to the Authority.

The Authority publicises certificates received from the directors of distributors as to whether or not the terms of use-of-systems agreements are a true and fair view of the way information and services were supplied that year, and whether section 77 was otherwise complied with.