Under clause 8.62(2) of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010, Meridian Energy Limited (Meridian) notified the Rulings Panel that it wished to dispute the system operator's determination, dated 29 November 2013, that Meridian was the causer of an under-frequency event that occurred at 16:58 on 1 May 2013.

The Rulings Panel acknowledged receipt of the dispute, confirmed that it can hear the dispute, and asked that the Authority publicise the dispute and to make the attachments below publicly available.
Any participant or other person that considered it had been substantially affected by the disputed determination, and that wished to participate in the resolution of the dispute, had to file an application with the Rulings Panel by 5:00pm on Tuesday February 18 2014. The application had to set out the grounds on which the participant or other person wished to rely to establish that it is substantially affected by the matter in dispute, or should otherwise be entitled to participate, including any evidence supporting the application.

All correspondence with the Rulings Panel in relation to this dispute resolution had to be emailed to;

As soon as practicable after the closing date for applications, the Rulings Panel convened a directions conference to establish directions for the conduct of the dispute.