What are my rights as an electricity consumer?

You need to sign a contract with the electricity retailer you've chosen. This contract protects you and your rights. It’s important to read and understand the terms and conditions.

What are my retailer’s obligations to me?

Most electricity retailers follow our voluntary minimum terms and conditions when they set up your contract.  

These minimum terms and conditions include processes around what to do when customers do not pay a bill. They also set guidelines for retailers to follow in relation to medically dependent or vulnerable consumers.

As well as these guidelines and voluntary terms and conditions, retailers must follow a set of industry rules. 

One of these rules is that for each tariff a retailer offers you for your home (main place of residence), the retailer must also offer you a low fixed charge tariff. 

What should the contract with my retailer include?

You should check your contract includes information about:

  • connections, disconnections and contract termination
  • the actual supply of electricity including metering
  • contractual terms and conditions, such as being fair and reasonable
  • how billing and payments will be handled
  • how the retailer will request access to your property
  • how complaints will be handled.

What does the Authority do?

We oversee the retail electricity market and set the rules under which the market operates.