The Security and Reliability Council (SRC) was established under the Electricity Industry Act 2010 to provide advice to the Authority on the performance of the electricity system and the system operator, and reliability of supply issues.

The Innovation and Participation Advisory Group (IPAG) and the Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG) are tasked with providing advice and recommendations to the Authority on the development of the Code and market facilitation measures.

Several other technical and ad-hoc groups also give independent advice and make recommendations to the Authority Board on aspects of the electricity industry.

Call for nominations for an independent chairperson of the MDAG

Following James Moulder’s resignation, the Authority is calling for nominations for an independent chair of the MDAG. The MDAG addresses issues related to the evolution of the ‘machinery’ of the electricity market.

Experience in the electricity sector is essential, while strong knowledge of matters relating to pricing and cost allocation, risk and risk management, and operational efficiencies is desirable.

The requirements and expectations of advisory group chairpersons are set out in the Charter for advisory groups and the Terms of reference for the Security and Reliability Council and other advisory groups. Key tasks include managing group meetings, formally reporting to the Authority on the group’s behalf and working closely with the group secretariat.

The Authority wants to appoint the successful nominee for a term until the end of May 2020.

Nominations close at 5.00pm on Tuesday, 18 September 2018.

Please find the link to the nomination form