• Transmission Pricing Advisory Group 2011 (disestablished)

    Published: 04/02/2014 12:00am

    The Authority established an ad hoc advisory group in January 2011, the Transmission Pricing Advisory Group (TPAG), to recommend a preferred transmission pricing option. Read More

  • Code of Practice 10.5 Review

    Published: 11/09/2013 12:00am

    The Code requires that the Authority Board appoint a Code of Practice 10.5 Review Panel in accordance with Code of Practice 10.5 of schedule 10.1 of the Code. Read More

  • Data Clean-up Technical Group (disestablished)

    Published: 30/10/2013 12:00am

    Before the new Part 10 came into force, metering records required a clean-up to ensure they were of sufficient quality to be added to the registry. Read More

  • Loss Factor Review Panel (disestablished)

    Published: 30/09/2013 12:00am

    The Loss Factor Review Panel (LFRP) was established to refine the guidelines on the calculation of loss factors and the use of loss factors for reconciliation purposes. Read More

  • Locational Price Risk Technical Group

    Published: 30/09/2013 12:00am

    The Locational Price Risk Technical Group (LPRTG) primarily provided specialist and technical advice to the Authority in relation to the detailed design and operation of selected hedge mechanisms for managing locational price risk. Read More

  • Retail Advisory Group (RAG) (disestablished)

    Published: 01/11/2013 12:00am

    The Retail Advisory Group (RAG) provided independent advice on the development of the the Code and market facilitation measures, focusing on the relationships between the retailer, distributor and consumer. Read More

  • Wholesale Advisory Group (WAG) (disestablished)

    Published: 10/12/2013 12:00am

    The Wholesale Advisory Group (WAG) provided independent advice to the Board on projects concerning the design of the wholesale electricity market, including wholesale electricity, ancillary services, and risk management contracts. Read More