The Chair of the group was:

  • Clive Bull (Strata Energy Consulting Limited)

Its members were:

  • Alaister Marshall (Powernet)
  • Allan McKay (Counties Power)
  • Amy Cooper (Meridian Energy)
  • Andrew McMillan (Alpine Energy)
  • Anna Doer (WEL Networks)
  • Bernie Cross (Contact Energy)
  • Corrie Stobie (Metrix)
  • David Barnett (The Lines Company)
  • Dougal Congalton (Vector)
  • Ian Martin (Transpower)
  • Lisa Gilmore (AMS)
  • Matthew James (Trustpower)
  • Peter Fridd (Network Waitaki)
  • Peter Smith (Northpower)
  • Rob McNeur (Arc Innovations)
  • Roderick Wong (Mercury Energy)
  • Stefan Kirkwood (Powershop)

The subject matter expert was:

  • Diane Rayner (DBR Consulting Limited)