The members of TPAG:

  • Graham Scott (chairperson)
  • John Clarke (nominated by Transpower)
  • Glenn Sullivan (nominated by Fonterra)
  • Bruce Girdwood (nominated by Vector)
  • Ray Deacon (nominated by RTANZ)
  • John Woods (nominated by Contact)
  • Bob Weir (nominated by Genesis
  • Guy Waipara (nominated by Meridian)
  • Peter Calderwood (nominated by TrustPower)
  • David Reeve (nominated by Mighty River Power)

TPAG published a Discussion Paper for consultation on 7 June 2011. The deadline for submissions was 14 July 2011.

Discussion Paper

TPAG held a briefing to outline the Transmission Pricing Discussion Paper on Wednesday 29 June 2011.

TPAG briefing

TPAG provided a report on its analysis and recommendations to the Authority Board on 2 September 2011. The report, the presentation by the Chair to the Board and a note on beneficiary-pays is published below. The Authority has also published its acknowledgment of the report and the excellent work undertaken by TPAG.

Meridian Energy provided a memo by Professor Lewis Evans on Dr Biggar's review of TPAG's Discussion Paper. TPAG received the memo after its final meeting and did not consider Professor Evans' memo in finalising its views. TPAG has provided the memo to the Authority.

Information Papers

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