Nomination form for IPAG nominees


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C. Qualifications


If you would like to continue your response to any of the questions below, please use a separate document and attach in part E.

5. Ability to contribute to the balance of knowledge and experience in any of:

a. initiatives to improve the efficient development and use of evolving technologies and business models across the supply chain, including reducing inefficient barriers to:

  1. any consumers purchasing directly from the wholesale electricity market ordirectly from local generators
  2. mass-market demand response, and aggregators of mass-market demand response
  3. mass-market distributed energy resources, and aggregators of these resources, including distributed generation, batteries, micro-grids and ‘prosumer’ situations

b. initiatives to efficiently promote consumer participation through the whole supply chain, including:

  1. improving consumer awareness, understanding, motivation and action by massmarket consumers
  2. increasing choices available to mass-market consumers by further enhancing competition

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IPAG member


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