Consumer choice and competition

This programme covers initiatives to promote consumer participation through the retail market.

Current projects

  • Default distribution agreement

    We are considering whether to introduce a default distribution agreement to achieve the benefits from more standardisation of use-of-system agreements. The Authority considers that more standardisation of use-of-system agreements will enhance retail compe

    Latest Activity: 15 Jan 2019 Updated drafts of the Default Distributor Agreement (DDA) material

  • Saves and win-backs

    It is important that new entrant retailers have a ‘level playing field’ for competing for customers, and that saves and win-backs do not impede efficient competition.

    Latest Activity: 24 Jul 2018 Call for cross-submissions

  • Competition and Efficiency on Secondary Networks

    The purpose of this project is to examine the potential to improve retail competition and efficiency on secondary networks.

    Latest Activity: 23 May 2017 Retail Advisory Group report on secondary networks review

  • Retail Data

    The retail data project aims to increase consumer participation in the retail electricity market, by improving consumers’ access to information.

    Latest Activity: 20 Sep 2016 Decisions and summary of submissions published - a file format for exchanging generally available retail tariff plan data