Questions and Answers

    20 Sep 2019  


    Frequently asked questions about the Authority's Default Distributor Agreement (DDA) proposal.


    Default Distributor Agreement consultation timing

    21 May 2019  


    Following the recent Court of Appeal decision.


    Final Court of Appeal decision on the Default Distributor Agreement

    9 Apr 2019  


    Appeal Court final decision, March 2019


    Updated drafts of the Default Distributor Agreement (DDA) material

    15 Jan 2019  


    Court of Appeal partial decision - update

    18 Dec 2018  


    Appeal Court update


    Court of Appeal judgment Vector v EA

    4 Dec 2018  


    Court of Appeal request additional submissions


    High Court declines Vector application for declaratory judgment

    31 Jul 2017  


    Summary of submissions: Default agreement for distribution services

    20 Dec 2016  


    Response to submissions and next steps: More standardisation of use-of-system agreements

    24 Feb 2015  


    The Authority has published its response to submissions and next steps relating to more standardisation of use-of-system agreements.


    More standardisation of use-of-system agreements

    18 Nov 2014