The Authority is examining arrangements for improving consumers’ access to retail data. Retail data includes consumption data, retail tariff plan data and connection data.

The Authority considers that facilitating improved access to retail data for consumers will provide long term benefits to consumers by promoting competition in New Zealand’s retail electricity market and by promoting the more efficient operation of New Zealand’s electricity industry. This is consistent with the Authority’s statutory objective.

Improved access to retail data should provide consumers with better information that will enable them to participate more effectively in the retail electricity market. Consumers that are participating in the market are likely to be engaged and to expect more from retailers and energy services companies. This puts pressure on suppliers to be more efficient and provide more innovative services than their rivals.

Retail competition will also be enhanced because easier access by participants and third parties to retail data will facilitate the development of innovative tools and services which are expected to make it easier and less costly for consumers to find the best power deals for their needs.