The Authority has published the decisions and reasons paper on the retail data project: access to consumption data consultation process.

The Authority is amending the Code to require retailers to provide consumers’, or a consumer’s authorised agent, with their electricity consumption data. This is a consumer focused initiative intended to promote competition in the retail market by making it easier for consumers to use their consumption data to make decisions about their retailer and retail tariff options.

Making it easier for consumers to obtain and use their consumption data to make better and faster decisions, is expected to facilitate consumption participation in the retail market. Consumers are more likely to participate in the retail market, decide about their electricity usage, or both, if they can easily gain access to information that is useful to them. The result will be enhanced retail competition, as electricity retailers and providers of energy services compete more vigorously for consumers’ business. In turn, improved retail competition will increase the incentives on retailers and energy services companies to deliver innovative products and services and to seek operational efficiency gains.

Consultation paper and submissions

NB: This version of the ‘Retail data project: access to consumption data’ decisions and reasons paper differs from the original version posted. This is to correct three errors in the original:

  1. Page 19, sub-paragraph 117(e) – the word “not” was missing between the words “would reduce” in the second line
  2. Page 22, footnote 24 – the footnote incorrectly referred to the 2014 UMR report titled “Shopping around for electricity retailers: a quantitative study among the general public” instead of referring to the 2014 UMR report titled “Report: Charge Transparency” 
  3. Pages 25-26 – the Code amendments were not the final amendments that were Gazetted.”