As part of the Retail Data Project, the Authority is amending the Code to require electricity retailers to provide their generally available retail tariff plans to any person who requests them. The Code amendment is scheduled to come into effect on 1 February 2016.

The Authority will also be making publically available, from 1 February 2016, consumers’ connection data held in the registry because this will allow the consumers to select the tariff plans that are applicable to their connection.

The effect of these two initiatives will complement the availability of consumers’ consumption data, which also comes into force on 1 February 2016.

The RDP aims to increase consumer participation in the retail electricity market, by improving consumers’ access to information to enable them to make more confident, better and faster decisions, including switching decisions. Increased consumer participation is expected to make it easier for retailers to entice and attract consumers, which in turn is expected to enhance retailer-on-retailer competition and provide long-term benefits to consumers.  

Consultation paper and submissions

 The Authority has also agreed to the development of a voluntary standard file format for making available retail tariff plan data.  The Authority will commence this work shortly.