In order to assist retailers and agents with implementing the new formats, we have created test plans for retailers and agents to use. The test plans consist of one Excel workbook with the following four tabs:

  • Consumer and consumer agent setup requirements
  • Trader setup requirements
  • Send EIEP 13C test plan: consumer/consumer agents test plan
  • Send EIEP 13A and 13B test plan: retailers test plan 

Test plan updated:

  1. File name pattern corrected to be compatible with EIEP Hub naming convention - (eiep13C and (a/b) cell D3/D4) 
  2. String "? (Test Manager contact details)" changed to "" in two places

Please see memo no 1 for information on our expectations for the implementation of EIEPs 13A, 13B and 13C. All questions should be directed to the testing manager at All questions will be published on our FAQ  page.

Teleconferences – Testing EIEPs 13A, B and C

We are holding fortnightly teleconferences to discuss our plan for testing EIEPs 13A, B, and C.  An invitation to these teleconferences has been sent to the nominated first point of contact of each organisation. If you have not received the invite please contact the test manager at the contact details listed above.

28 January

21 January 
14 January
17 December
3 December 
 19 November
 5 November