We have recently met with organisations that have a role in diversifying the electricity services offered to consumers.

This is part of the additional consumer choice of electricity services (ACCES) project, which seeks to enable greater consumer uptake of electricity services. This is part of a wider programme of work aimed at increasing participation in the electricity industry to make the most of new technologies and business models.

To test the potential for ACCES and shape our efforts to facilitate it, we have actively sought out and listened to the views of 15 organisations. Using structured interviews, we heard about their experiences. We also explored with them a few options for delivery of ACCES. Interviewees included start-ups, consumer advocates, retailers, gentailers, metering equipment providers, distributors and market operation service providers.

The Authority has now published a summary of the interview discussions, along with the materials provided to interview participants.

We surveyed interviewees afterwards to ask how they found the process and they have been very positive.

We have updated the name of the Multiple Trading Relationship project to the Additional consumer choice of electricity services (ACCES) project. This change was made to better reflect the objectives of the project and following discussion with the Board. We are examining whether there are barriers that could prevent consumers from accessing many different services from many different suppliers.