The initiatives include:

  • amendment of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 to provide agents the ability to request consumption data on behalf of a consenting consumer
  • streamlining and standardising the data request process by improving data exchange protocols EIEP13A, EIEP13B and EIEP13C
  • making more registry data available through the existing the application programming interface and My Meter webpage.

The amended EIEPs EIEP13A, EIEP13B and EIEP13C will come into effect 1 March 2020.

Please Note: The updated Terms and Conditions that governs the registry’s EIEP hub will be published in February 2020. These T&C’s will be published under the implementation tab. A reminder letter will also be sent out to Hub users

ACCES decision paper

Last updated: 14th January 2020