On Sunday 1 March, we are starting to roll out some changes to make it easier for consumers to share their electricity consumption data with businesses and organisations they trust.

The changes include:

  • an amendment to the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code) to provide agents the ability to request consumption data on behalf of a consenting consumer
  • streamlining and standardising the data request process by improving data exchange protocols EIEP13A, EIEP13B, and EIEP13C, including revising the registry transfer hub terms and conditions.

The Authority takes data security seriously and has decided to complete further testing on the application programming interface (API) that enables the secure transfer of information between the registry and the My Meter webpage.

While we would have preferred to go ahead this weekend, the change to make more registry data available through the existing API and My Meter webpage will take place in a few weeks. 

As we release more information to the market to help improve efficiency and competition, we will continue to review data security and take additional measures as necessary.

We will keep you updated with the new release date through our regular Market Brief.

Our website has more information on our Additional consumer choice of electricity services (ACCES) project.

Please email us for more information.