This project is part of the Authority’s wider programme of work to reduce inefficient barriers to the development and use of evolving technologies and business models across the supply chain.

The Authority will identify and develop ways to provide for the uptake of new technology, initially distributed energy resources, on distribution networks.

We want to ensure distribution networks are flexible and open to emerging consumer preferences and new technologies.

This includes removing any technical or regulatory barriers to the adoption of new technologies, for example, greater use of distributed generation and electric vehicles. Removing any barriers will help ensure a more secure system which better uses infrastructure to meet consumer demand and expectations.

This is a multi-year programme of work.

In the first year, the Authority will:

  • identify and make available information about network opportunities and congestion
  • introduce network connection standards to support the industry.

We will engage with industry and other interested parties to further develop a tool which shows network opportunities around New Zealand, and provide regular updates on progress. 

Open Networks first phase poster

Open Networks project - first phase 2019-20