We have decided to amend the Code and the Approved Systems Document to enable the system operator to replace GENCO for issuing electronic dispatch instructions. GENCO is ageing, proprietary software that will soon become unsupported. The system operator’s DSE project will replace GENCO by adopting two alternate communication protocols for dispatch: Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) and web services.

The decision paper follows the consultation paper, Enabling the system operator's Dispatch Service Enhancement project, which we published on 10 April 2018. We have also published a summary of submissions prepared by the system operator, including its response to those submissions.

The amendments to the Code and the Approved Systems Document will improve competition, reliability, and efficiency by:

  • ensuring secure and reliable delivery of dispatch communications
  • reducing technical barriers to market entry and participation, including for new technologies and business models 
  • increasing flexibility and reducing complexity of the dispatch service.

The Code amendment and updated Approved Systems Document come into force on 8 August 2019. The final version of both documents is provided below.