Two further alignment reviews

    9 Feb 2016  


    We have carried out two further alignment reviews. We reviewed only the contracts of the few retailers that had not achieved a satisfactory level of alignment in previous reviews, along with the contracts of several new entrant retailers that had not previously been reviewed.


    Follow-up alignment review

    3 Jun 2014  


    We have completed a further alignment review of eight retailers’ contracts using a similar approach to that followed in previous reviews.


    Retail Advisory Group review of domestic contracting arrangements

    Apr – Dec 2013  


    We have asked the Retail Advisory Group (RAG) to review the domestic contracting arrangements.


    Final alignment review - July 2012

    Jul – Sep 2012  


    The final alignment review was conducted over July to September 2012 using a similar approach to that followed in the 2010 and 2011 reviews.


    Interim alignment review - July 2011

    Jul – Sep 2011  


    Over the period July to September 2011 we assessed the extent to which electricity retailers' domestic contracts aligned, as at 1 July 2011, with the published set of voluntary, good-practice, contracting principles and minimum terms and conditions for domestic retail contracts issued by the Electricity Commission.


    Minor amendments to principles and minimum terms and conditions

    Apr – Jun 2011  


    In April-May 2011 we consulted on some proposed minor amendments intended to address areas where the principles and minimum terms and conditions appeared to have unintended consequences or raised legitimate issues affecting retailers' ability to comply.


    Baseline review - June 2010

    15 Jun – 30 Sep 2010  


    The Commission carried out a baseline review of the level of alignment between each retailer's own contracting documents, and the published set of suggested minimum terms and conditions.


    Authority's review of the alignment of domestic electricity contracts with the suggested minimum terms and conditions

    Jun 2009 – Jul 2012  


    In mid-2009, a point was reached where it was timely to consider whether the development of model contracts was the most appropriate approach to meeting the desired market outcomes for this aspect of its retail work programme.