In mid-2018 the Authority changed its annual work programme. In response to stakeholder feedback, we are now allocating more resource to a smaller number of projects in order to progress projects more quickly.

In addition to reducing the total number of projects, we also decided to co-ordinate the consultation process for more minor projects into an omnibus series. By co-ordinating the consultation process for these more minor projects, we hope to progress minor enhancements faster and more efficiently.

From time to time minor enhancements are needed to improve efficiency or to ensure the integrity of the Code. These might require an issues paper to initiate discussion or consultation on a proposed Code amendment. Generally, these issues are not big enough to justify a full scale project. Therefore, we have developed the Market Enhancement Omnibus as the vehicle for these minor consultations.

In the past, these minor enhancements were dealt with as they arose. This led to the consultation calendar including additional consultations that could overlap with the consultation periods of the major projects. We think that having a regularly scheduled omnibus of minor enhancements will help stakeholders to schedule their resources at the right level within their organisation.

The issues that are included in an omnibus are minor enhancements that are needed to improve efficiency or to ensure the integrity of the Code. They may be raised by participants, be in response to industry changes or be identified by staff. Each issue is approved by senior management and will not take Authority resources away from the other projects that are on the work programme.

Like the work programme itself, a new issue will not be approved for the next omnibus until one of the current issues has been completed. There may be an exception to this principle if an issue is urgent.

The omnibus concept is new for the Authority, and we expect it to develop over time.

This first omnibus contains four papers that were developed and approved before our 2018/19 work programme was decided, and were papers not specifically designed for an omnibus style of consultation. We expect future omnibuses to contain papers that are more tailored to an omnibus style.

There are four papers in the Market enhancement omnibus one: September 2018 project.

Each paper is self-contained, with its own executive summary, detail section, and submission questions.

To make a submission, go to the paper you are interested in. The process for making a submission is explained in the paper.

The omnibuses will only contain papers that seek feedback from stakeholders. Decisions that result from these consultations will be published separately as each decision is made. This may mean that the decisions are released at different times.

We are planning for two market enhancement omnibuses each year, one in about August/September and the second in about March/April.

If there are no papers ready in time for the omnibus then it will be cancelled rather than delayed. This is so stakeholders can be sure of their resource timing, and the omnibus is not moved to conflict with other scheduled consultations.

In July 2017 we published an issues paper for the review of metering and related registry processes. As part of the submission process for that paper we trialled an on-line submission tool. That tool was built in-house, and the trial did not produce the efficiency results we were looking for.

For the consultation paper on the review of metering and related registry processes (paper 1) in this omnibus we are trialling a new on-line submission tool. If you are unable to use this tool, we will also accept submissions in the standard (Microsoft Word) format, however we would appreciate it if as many submitters as possible would make their submissions through the on-line tool.

As this is the first omnibus, we would like to give you the opportunity to let us know your thoughts including how we can improve the consultation process for these minor market enhancements.

We have included a number of questions about the omnibus concept and the online submission trial in the online survey on our website. The survey shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

The survey will close at 5pm on Friday, 30 November 2018.