In April 2020, the Authority asked all Type 1 retailers and The Lines Company to assess whether their processes aligned with two existing guidelines: ‘Guideline on arrangements to assist vulnerable consumers’ and the ‘Guideline on arrangements to assist medically dependent consumers’.

Responses have indicated that awareness of and alignment with these Guidelines are high. They have generally served New Zealand consumers well, and electricity system stakeholders can be proud of their shared commitment to implementing them.

Respondents noted however, some practical issues with the Guidelines, which have not been updated since 2010. The Authority has also noted the lack of a formal feedback and learning loop between the Authority, industry participants and the various agencies that support vulnerable or medically dependent customers.

The Authority has therefore decided to update the Guidelines in their entirety, prior to the end of this calendar year. This is consistent with a recommendation made by the Electricity Pricing Review. Read more.


Date Activity
Jun – Aug 2020 We are proposing a series workshops to hear from our stakeholders and inform the update of the Guidelines Read more
2 – 16 Jun 2020 Consultation: In the immediate term, as a temporary measure the Authority is seeking feedback on a single addendum to the “Guideline on arrangements to assist vulnerable consumers” and the “Guideline on arrangements to assist medically dependent consumers. Read more
24 Jun 2020 As part of Phase 2 of the update to the guidelines, we are publishing a list of questions asked by stakeholders as a downloadable schedule. Read more