Date Activity
16 May 2017 Development: Summary of submissions and decision paper on inherent risk registers and audit guidelines Read more
16 May 2017 Outcome: We have completed our review of the participant audit regime and made several improvements. Read more
2 May 2017 Development: Summary of submissions, decision paper and final versions of new participant audit guidelines Read more
28 Feb – 11 Apr 2017 Consultation: Requirements and processes for audits: Inherent risk registers and update to audit guidelines Read more
25 Oct – 20 Dec 2016 Consultation: Requirements and Processes for Audits: New Guidelines Read more
28 Jun 2016 Development: Decisions and reasons paper and response to submissions published Read more
12 Jan – 16 Feb 2016 Development: Review of participant audit regime – two additional questions Read more
10 Nov – 22 Dec 2015 Consultation: Review of participant audit regime Read more
27 Jan – 3 Mar 2015 Development: Project brief: request for feedback Read more
26 Jan 2015 Background: Background to the project Read more