We have published a decision paper which sets out our decisions on mandating a standardised reporting methodology for EIEP1. The decision includes changes to the EIEP overview document and EIEPs 1 to 3.

All changes will come into force by 1 April 2021.

Our decision includes:

  • making ‘replacement RM normalised’ the single standardised EIEP1 reporting methodology for billing and volume information for MM ICPs for both conveyance and interposed arrangements
  • replacing the term NHH ICP with MM ICP (mass market ICP) and amend the ICP classifications for the purposes of EIEPs 1, 2 and 3 to improve clarity and remove the opportunity for different interpretations
  • requiring traders and distributors to complete the transition from their current EIEP1 reporting methodology (if not ‘replacement RM normalised’) to ‘replacement RM normalised’ by 1 April 2021
  • retaining EIEP1 as billed reporting methodology for reporting of billing and volume information for HHR ICPs.

Appendix B contains tracked copies of the EIEPs. Full details are in the decision paper.