In December 2013 the Authority published a consultation paper proposing a set of changes to the ICP switching obligations contained in Part 11 of the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (Code), related changes to Parts 1 and 15 of the Code, and amendments to the registry functional specification.

The consultation paper proposed a number of amendments to the processes set out in Schedule 11.3 of the Code, which were expected to facilitate the efficient switching of half hour (HHR) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) metering installations, as well as some legacy issues that had been noted.

Most of the issues canvassed in the consultation were also discussed at a workshop by an ad hoc technical group called together by the Authority to discuss aligning the Code with workable market practices.

The Code amendment and the Authority’s decision and response to submissions are set out in the decisions document.

Some of the amendments came into force on 6 November 2014 and the remaining amendments come into force on 9 October 2015. The decisions made by the Authority may impact on participants’ processes and back office systems. Participants should determine if any changes are required to their processes and systems by considering the decisions detailed and the amended Code contained in the decisions document.

2014 Code amendments