We have decided to amend Parts 1 and 13 of the Code to:

  • shorten the gate closure period to 1 hour for all participants currently subjected to a 2 hour gate closure
  • clarify the requirements for persistence-based offers for intermittent generators
  • clarify the provisions related to the revision of offers, bids and reserve offers
  • remove the obligation on the grid owner to report to the Authority whenever grid information is revised after gate closure.

The amendment will promote the efficiency and reliability limbs of our statutory objective by improving the flexibility of resources to respond to changing circumstances while maintaining system security.

We have published a paper outlining the reasons for this decision and a summary of the submissions received. Service providers still need to carry out the detailed design of the changes necessary to their market systems. When this is complete the Authority will be in a position to announce a date for the amendment to come into force.

Consultation paper and submissions - Shortened gate closure and revised bid and offer provisions