We are overseeing an industry-led approach to reforming distribution pricing structures.

As part of this approach we have asked distributors to develop a plan that sets out the process and timeframes under which distributors will reform their distribution price structures (roadmaps). We also asked that these roadmaps be updated regularly to communicate the progress towards adopting more service based and cost reflective pricing. Our expectation is for distributors to make their roadmaps available to interested parties, and to provide updates every six months. The first update was delivered in April 2017 and the latest in October 2017. We have published an overall summary, table and timeline documents relating to the latest updates. 

The updates provide us and other industry stakeholders, especially retailers and consumers, with greater visibility about when and how distribution price structures are likely to change.

The Electricity Networks Association (ENA) has published a high level summary of progress that can be found on the ENA website.

As with the initial update the Authority is pleased that many distributors have provided this information. The indications are that many distributors are progressing in line with their plans. Not all distributors have published updated roadmaps. Those distributors that haven’t published updates have told us that this is due to consideration on how to present and publish the progress, insufficient progress warranting an update, and updating the plan every six months is not necessarily in line with individual distributor timelines.

We look forward to further updates in May.