As part of the spot market review, the Authority held a question and answer session with authors of the two reports that form two of the appendices to the Authority’s discussion paper. Dr Howard Haas from Monitoring Analytics and Greg Thorpe from Oakley Greenwood was available to answer questions via video conference between 9.30 and 10.30 am on 15 April 2015 before the bi-monthly regulatory managers’ and consumers’ meeting began at 11am.

Greg Thorpe has worked in the electricity industry for over 35 years. He was heavily involved in design and early operation of the Australian NEM and the prior Victorian state market working as an Associate Director of the National Electricity Code Administrator and Manager Codes and Rules for the Victorian Power Exchange. Since 2001 he has worked extensively for NEM regulatory bodies and market participants and is a member of the Australian Energy Regulator’s dispute resolution panel.

Dr. Howard Haas has been the Deputy Market Monitor at PJM Interconnection since 2004, where he has been responsible for directing analysis and monitoring of PJM markets. He has over eighteen years of applied and theoretical micro economic analysis experience, including thirteen years in electricity market design and regulatory economics.

An audio recording of the question and answer section can be found below: