The Market Development Advisory Group (MDAG) is holding a briefing on 30 July 2019 to update stakeholders on its review of the trading conduct provisions in the Electricity Industry Participation Code. To help interested parties understand the topics that will be discussed at the briefing, MDAG has published a briefing pack.

The current focus of the MDAG’s review of the trading conduct provisions is whether the current provisions of the Code to address behaviour by ‘pivotal’ generators and ancillary service agents promote the Authority’s statutory objective. (‘Pivotal’ is defined in the Code but, in simple terms, a generator or ancillary service agent is pivotal if demand would not be met without supply from their plant.) 

The briefing will be about MDAG’s work on pivotal pricing, which is its initial area of focus. Later this year, MDAG will issue a formal discussion paper inviting submissions which will be followed by a final recommendations report from MDAG to the Authority’s Board.

For more information about the event and to register visit the event page.