Date Activity
26 May 2020 Development: Design work has continued since you last heard from us, and we are starting to plan our engagement activities over the coming year. Read more
24 Feb 2020 Development: We’ve been busy working with service providers on refining the details of the market systems design for RTP Read more
28 Jun 2019 Development: We have decided to amend the Code to implement real-time pricing in the wholesale spot market Read more
2 Apr 2019 Event: Public briefing for consultation on remaining elements of real-time pricing Read more
2 Apr 2019 Development: Risk violation curve design Read more
19 Mar – 30 Apr 2019 Consultation: We have consulted on three remaining elements of the design for real-time pricing. Read more
8 May 2018 Event: Public briefing for real-time pricing Read more
Sep 2017 Correspondence: Responses to detailed questions about real-time pricing Read more
12 Sep 2017 Development: Real-time pricing frequently asked questions Read more
Aug 2017 Event: Public briefings for real-time pricing Read more
1 Aug – 10 Oct 2017 Consultation: Real-time pricing proposal Read more
Jul 2017 Background: Background on Spot market settlement on real-time pricing Read more