We published a working paper ‘Transmission Pricing Methodology review: TPM options’ (the TPM options working paper) on 16 June 2015. We published a ‘Companion paper describing the detail of the deeper connection charge’ (the deeper connection companion paper) at the same time. We published two further modelling documents on 26 June 2015.

All of these papers provided some modelling to help stakeholders understand the estimated or indicative impact of the three options under each application proposed in the working paper.  The papers set out that this modelling was subject to various assumptions. 

The deeper connection charge has a role under all options, and under both applications described in the TPM options working paper.  We have further analysed the deeper connection charge, and identified some errors and useful refinements in the modelling carried out to date.

The financial impacts of the revisions are proportionately small for almost all transmission customers. However, to ensure transparency around any potential financial impacts, we have released an update to the previously published modelling results.  These revisions to indicative modelling in the TPM options working paper can be found below.