Transpower has recommended that the Electricity Authority consider amending the Transmission pricing methodology (TPM), and has proposed to:

  • change the basis for allocating HVDC costs to South Island generators from peak (MW) to average (MWh) injection
  • increase the number of charging periods from 12 to 100 for the Upper North Island and Upper South Island RCPD regions
  • put bespoke arrangements in place to improve pricing stability in the Lower South Island and to support increased summer production at the Tiwai aluminium smelter
  • modify the averaging approach for lines maintenance costs; and
  • put a mechanism in place to deal appropriately with reverse flow situations.

The following documents were received by the Authority on Friday 13 February 2015.

The Scientia consulting HVDC model and instructions to use it are available to download via the Authority's EMI website.  

 On 24 March 2015 Transpower provided the Authority with two additions to their 13 February proposal to amend the TPM.