No submissions on the draft determinations were received. Accordingly, the Authority’s final determination under clause 8.61(9) of the Code is that Contact Energy (Contact), is the causer of the first under-frequency event on 9 February 2018 at 05:04am.

The Authority’s reasons for this final determination are:

  1. the system operator has investigated the UFE (in accordance with clause 8.60 of the Code), and has reported to the Authority that:
    1. the interruption/reduction of energy occurred at the Taranaki Combined Cycle (Stratford) power station, which belongs to Contact
    2. no other asset was identified as having caused or potentially caused the UFE
    3. in the system operator’s view, Contact is the causer of the UFE
  2. Contact has accepted that it was the causer of the UFE
  3. having considered the system operator’s reports and the relevant elements of the Code, the Authority (based on the information available to it at this time) concurs with the system operator’s findings.

In accordance with clause 8.65 of the Code, the clearing manager rebates the event charge to relevant participants. The charge advised in the system operator’s report to the Authority was $170,875.